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What does it cost to use the uConnect Exchange service?

Rates effective 07/01/2010.

Mailbox rates

The default Exchange 2010 mailbox size is set to 500 MBs for a user mailbox. Additional space can be requested by a designated departmental or college technical support staff member by sending an email request to with loginID of mailbox owner and mailbox quota size requested.

Mailbox Storage and Monthly Cost Per Mailbox (Exchange 2010)

  • 500 MBs  ....................  Was $10.25.... now $2.00!
  • 1 GB        ....................  Was $14.00.... now $2.13!
  • 2 GBs      ....................  Was $21.50.... now $2.39!
  • 5 GBs      ....................  Was  more!!.... now $3.17!
  • Additional 5 GB increments after the initial 5 GB mailbox cost is $1.30 per 5 GBs.

Helpful tips: 

  • uConnect users can view their own mailbox size easily by logging into and floating their cursor over their name in upper-left side.

  • Within uConnect, email is never bounced if mailbox has reached mailbox quota size. Email is delivered to the mailbox. New email can not be sent by the mailbox owner until the mailbox size is reduced below the quota limit.

  • The default quota size warning alert threshold is set to 95% of the mailbox size. Once a mailbox exceeds the 95% threshold, a nightly system message is sent at 1 AM to the mailbox owner reminding them of their mailbox quota usage and level.

Special Mailbox rates

  • Resource Mailboxes
    • $1 per mailbox per month (was $7.50)
    •   Resource mailboxes must be designated as 'resource mailboxes' within Exchange and are limited to 50 MBs storage maximum
  • Archive Mailboxes
    • $0.52 per GB per month. A separate archive mailbox quota is used, apart from the user mailbox quota size.
    • Increments of 1 GB archive mailbox quota increases available.

Public Folder rates

  • Public Folder (PF) usage on uConnect Exchange are charged at $0.26 per GB per month, in increments of 1GB.
  • The PF charges are based on actual space used, not on the quantity of folders within the Public Folder hierarchy.